Electric Fences

With the ever-looming threat of armed burglary, more and more South African families and businesses are opting for electrical fencing to ensure their loved ones and livelihoods remain out of harm’s way. Total fencing solutions supplies optional electric wiring in addition to our clear view, palisade and mesh fencing products. Families may thus enjoy unparalleled protection while their security system maintains an attractive and amicable façade that fits in with the character of your property.

HIGH SECURITY MECH (CLEAR we supply and install a wide range of fencing products, offering ‘the new alternative’ in high security perimeter fencing. Fencing options include high and medium security mesh fencing, palisades, chain link fencing and diamond mesh. we also manufactures swing, sliding, garden and cantilever gates.

All our products are hot-dip galvanised and either PVC-coated or powder coated to protect them from harsh climates. Products installed in coastal areas are given extra protection to ensure longevity. Palisades are also treated with corrosion-resistant coatings, and are available in a selection of colours.

Fence-top deterrents like electric wiring and spikes may be added to any total fencing solutions security mesh product. Microphoric and fibre optic detection systems are available for added security. Our continual research in perimeter security technology ensures the invariable success of all fencing.