Concrete Precast Walling

We manufacture a large range of precast concrete wall products. One can easily be dazzled by the many different sizes and pretty designs available! Concrete precast walling is the most cost effective walling option. It is installed between properties as well as on front street boundaries. It is also widely used to fence off amenities and other structures on a property. Installed faster than any other type of walling, Precast Concrete Walls gives instant security and privacy. Our attractive range of precast walls range from 1.4 to 3.0m in height. It is available in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes.


Precast concrete walling is virtually maintenance free when left as is. But some home owners prefer to paint them, making it easy to blend in with the surrounding architecture. Alternatively, they take on a character on their own when the lines are softened with vegetation. Specifications

Main Features


  • Precast walls are installed quickly.
  • Standard product approximately 20 MPa in strength.
  • Various heights to choose from.
  • Various designs to choose from.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Easy to repair when necessary (tree roots, ground movement over time, impact damage, etc).


Advantages of Precast Walling

  • Security

Perimeter precast walling is an important feature for most homes due to the increased need for security and privacy. It can be erected four times faster than any brick wall. 


  • Consistent quality

Because precast concrete products are typically produced in a controlled environment, they exhibit high quality and uniformity.


  • Strength, and Quality

The extremely robust nature of our concrete wall panels make these units resistant to attack. Giving owners an added level of safety assurance


  • Weather and UV resistance

Precast concrete walling is well-suited for all types of weather conditions.


  • Low maintenance

Precast concrete Walling requires little or no maintenance, which makes it the ideal choice for nearly any Walling solution.



2    Louver Grey precast Walling

This tried and tested 2 Louver grey precast concrete walling pattern will give you privacy and security at an affordable price. These steel reinforced Louver precast concrete walls come at a more affordable price than the double sided brick crete walls. The grey precast walling can be painted with a good quality cement- or roof paint to match the colour of the house or garden. The solid precast vibracrete walls are ideal for privacy and keep intruders from seeing inside.



 2 Louver Grey Concrete Precast Walling Technical Information:


305mm x 1440mm x 38mm

 Precast Walls are installed according to these heights: 1500mm, 1800mm, 2100mm &



Concrete  precast reaches a strength of 28mpa after 30 days.


Poles: 3 x 4-6mm spring steel

  • Louver Panels: 2 x 3.15mm spring spring steel.


Foundation: 350mm x 350mm 15 Mpa concrete & poles are planted 550 to 600mm deep.

All precast concrete panels are grouted top to bottom.



3 Louver Grey Precast Walling:


This 3 Louver grey precast walling in 4 inch louver design or 100mm, will give your home that special appeal which makes it stand out in the neighborhood Pretoria or Randburg.

The 3 louver concrete fence compliments most entertainment areas, providing privacy, safety and beauty.  Grey precast walling with good quality concrete finish and steel reinforcement, this 3 louvre  precast concrete design will give you years of  walling service. With a quick and clean precast concrete walling erection of up to 120 meter per day, we will not let you down. The product is manufactured using our steel 3 louvre (louver) moulds. The 3 Louver precast walling range of products is the most popular and cost effective concrete walling solution.


Big Block Precast Concrete Walling:

The Big Block grey precast wall has a larger block pattern than the Small Brick concrete walling pattern. The wide block smooth finish texture contributes to the naturally authentic look of this beautiful precast concrete fence. This concrete fence is ideal for most aesthetic requirements suited for projects and architectural styles that incorporate large, bold rectangular shapes. We can install this wall with or without a bar top. This type of concrete walling can be painted very affectively. 

This precast fencing product is manufactured using our custom moulds to create a superbly finished precast concrete wall for your project. As with all of our designer concrete fences, the textural definition is naturally enhanced by the changing light of the sun. The deep texture contributes to noise reduction along busy thoroughfares when installed as a sound barrier up to

2.45 meters high or screen wall and is a welcomed visual enhancement to property owners adjacent to the road.



Brick Crete Beige Pre-cast Walling:

Double sided walls are stronger and thicker than conventional concrete walls. It has the same texture on both sides. No "bad" side! Invisible panel interlock. Long lasting color that never fades. Absolutely no maintenance. Clean neat installation with less impact on your time and privacy. These strong walls will enhance the safety and value of your property. Cap rail trim included as part of the finished product on walls or not, at a discounted rate. Can be combined with steel palisades in you brickcrete concrete wall. The Brickcrete wall has the same aesthetic quality of a solid brick wall, yet cost only a fraction of the price. The Brickcrete wall cannot rot or burn! Ideal to replace rotting wooden fences.  As concrete becomes stronger in time, you will never have to replace it.  You can to paint it.

Technical Information:


305mm x 1440mm x45mm

Walls are installed according to these heights: 1500mm, 1800mm, 2100mm &2400mmm


Concrete reaches a strength of 30mpa after 30 days.


The products are cast with a maximum definition and minimum tolerance, so that no further treatment is necessary.


Poles: 4 x 4-7mmspring steel (depending on height) Panels: 2 x 4mm spring steel.


Foundation: 350mmx 350mm & poles are planted 600mm deep. Tongue and groove design ensures non-visible panel links.



Wood Crete Pre-cast Walling:

Wood Crete was the first precast concrete fence of its kind to be introduced to the market more than 30 years ago. It quickly earned a place on the landscape by providing the visual impact of crafted wood and the longevity of concrete; however, today it is mostly forgotten.  


Wood Crete features the familiar whirls and patterns characteristic of deep wood grain texture, augmented by slight "distressed" features inherent in concrete. A preferred brand for a broad range of applications, Wood Crete is popular for residential, commercial and industrial developments.


In addition to new construction, Wood Crete is well suited for replacing weatherworn wood fencing. It is easy to install, requires virtually no maintenance and does not deteriorate. Wood Crete is a preferred choice for home owners that what to replace there old wood fencing.


Concrete Palisade Fencing

ALFA's heavy duty precast Concrete Palisade fencing is a high quality security system suitable for any walling application.  A few use it on their residential stands but the more common and typical applications include fencing-off national roads, suburbs, schools, sensitive sites and industrial premises



Heavy duty concrete palisades are made to last for many, many years and to provide maintenance free security. One of the numerous benefits of this product is its open slat configuration. The product does not completely obscure the fenced-in area and at the same time also allow visibility to the outside of the premises. Three sides of all concrete elements have a shutter or off mould finish and are therefore smooth. The fourth side has a wood float finish. 


Designed and manufactured to exact engineer's specifications, all palisade concrete elements are steel reinforced and cast with a concrete mix that reaches 30MPa in strength after 28 days. This ensures a strong and robust security barrier at all times.  We manufacture a 9 slat or pale heavy duty 1.8m and 2.4m high concrete palisade fence ( 6ft and 8ft imperial).  Each section is 2 meter wide, measured from post centre to next post centre.  A section is made up of two posts, the 9 pales and two cross beams or rails to which the pales are bolted. 

Carriage bolts are used to secure the nine pales to top and bottom rails.  The bolts are counter sunk, thus allowing the holes to be grouted over to conceal the bolts from tampering. Each main post is planted in a foundation of 600 x600 x 600 millimetre deep and consisting of a mixture of cement and crushed stone that should reach 15MPa strength at 28 days.  


The installation of our concrete palisade fencing can be fairly rapid.  A single installation team can typically do in excess of a 200m per week. The actual meters completed per week will however depend on the number of teams allocated to the project, the availability of stock, the weather, prevailing soil conditions, and a few other factors such as the client's cash flow.  

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